Saturday, March 25, 2017

Just realized that the pictures blown up over your eyes all the time doesn't come true at all.

Just few days ago I came to know about a prestigious summer internship fellowship from Israel. In order to receive this I was looking for a host institute laboratory abroad. So I wrote my collaborators in Singapore, to accept my application. Even they refused. Even my supervisor Dr. Flavio Grynszpan didn't allow me to apply for positions abroad. According to him I'm making joke of his name. Anyway, it didn't work. So it's an another failure story of mine.

Rest about the other two important application that I applied this year, I'm sure It will be rejected too. There are no hope even for big publication. This phase of life looks very cheesy from outside but only I understand how it actually effects.

Next story will be a failure story too. It will be published in April.

Enjoy your life.

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  1. As I thought before

    I have not been selected for Scifinder future leaders program 2017

    But now I am serious about to get the summer internship 2017 at BASF

    I am really serious about it