Monday, November 7, 2016

A failure story: You can dream big, but remember you will be hit by others who are qualified not only in dreams but in reality

I understand that one can dream of becoming president of USA or to buy a shopping mall for himself. One can dream for having a private room in Mars or a candle night dinner in the Moon. Who will stop you? Nobody, because this is your dream. As a homosepian I understand most of our dreams doesn't come true. Sometime when you listen to great speakers, scientist, athlete asking you to dream big is actually a nightmare. Because you had many dreams and it didn't work out. But we are so insecure we never stop dreaming.

How big your dream could be. Out of my many dreams I had one. I really had one. And I kept it since last three years. The dream was to attend Lindau Nobel laureate meeting in Germany. Yeah it's a little pissed out dream. You don't want know why this dream was so close to my ultimate desire? OK, bye

Wait, do you want to know?
I was doing my masters in chemistry in 2012 in Gauhati university in India. One of my professor Dr. S.K. Gogoi suddenly asked all students to gather in the seminar hall. He was one of the awardee of Lindau Nobel laureate meeting during his PhD from IIT Guwahati. He described his entire journey to Lindau as well as his interaction with Nobel laureates. The program as well as the entire journey was highlighted in his powerpoint presentation. He asked our M.Sc chemistry batch to apply for the 2013 chemistry Nobel laureate meeting .
I went back home and I decided to apply for the reputed Lindau chemistry meeting. In India students need to follow the guidlines given by DST India to apply for the meeting. In the application form I noticed that the applicants were asked to put their Passport details. I never had a passport.
So my first job was to issue a passport. People asked me bribe to issue a passport in a shorter time period. Reputed officials who could help me to issue the passport at that time laughed at me and denied to help in any other way. So this was the situation and I couldn't apply for the Lindau meeting due to lack of passport. I was heart broken as this opportunity comes every three years only.

I joined PhD in 2015 in Israel. With a proper aim and a zeal to attend the Lindau meeting I applied as an open applicant for the 2017 meeting.
And I failed today again. A three year wish has broken apart. I never wished anything so long like I did to attend this prestigious meeting.
Well done all qualified dreamers! Have a good time in Lindau.

These are just big lines by big peoples "Dream Big". What about those who dream big and never succeed?

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