Monday, October 31, 2016

A move to Twitter mostly with RealtimeChem: My Experience

I never thought of using Twitter though I considered that more like American. But I was wrong. Let me explain what embarked me to join Twitter. It was late March 2016, when I was preparing my application for SciFinder Future Leader 2016. During that time I came to know about SciFinder's updates on social media.

I used to look around Scifinder FL alumni's video and their experiences. It was nice to see the past students and their present contribution in science. Although I couldn't get selected for SciFinder's FL2016 program, but the twitter impression left me an interest to join Twitter.

Probably the first person I followed on Twitter was Suzanne Jansze. I was really impressed while going through her Twitter account where I found her interesting updates from lab starting from hood picture to interesting reaction photos and broken apparatus as well.

That was the beginning. After that I started to follow all the chemistry related twitter accounts Scifinder, CAS, Dalton Transaction.etc.

Meanwhile I got my first paper published, and that was my first tweet with Dalton Transaction. I was feeling so nice that DT re-tweeted my first tweet.

After few weeks I came to know about Realtime Chem. It gave me a platform to have fun while doing reactions in my lab as well as an opportunity to know how pioneers in my field have been enjoying such as Baran lab at the Scripps or Macmillan group at Princeton.

Following the whole SciFinder future leader 2016 event on twitter was really amazing. Day to day updates over the whole program as well as interesting information from ACS meeting really embarked me to think with a big vast scientific communities.

RealtimeChem week this year is an amazing platform for students as well as chemistry folks to engage and share valuable lab experiences over twitter. On the first day we got really cool updates on Halloween from around the America.

Nadine, the hashtag you proposed really fits with the vision of RealtimechemWeek.
Hope to earn amazing experience over twitter about chemistry in this RealtimeChem week.

Thanks for reading

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